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Samuel Forster @ IBM 17:02, 25th July
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Samuel Forster @ IBM (17:02, 25th July)

Projects I've worked on within IBM:-

ABB(Asea and Brown Boveri)Technician / Network support.

I worked at ABB from the Summer of 1999 to August 2003(click here to see my timeline). In 2003 we were outsourced to IBM, I moved into a network role on the ABB account a few months later. I developed my network skills on the ABB account visiting numerous sites around the UK until 2006 when I felt I needed a change. I applied for a new job in the March, and by September I was accepted into a new area of IBM called Intergrated Communication Services.

The time at ABB was interesting and I met a large number of new friends. Carl Gratty introduced me to ABB where I successfully managed to get a job. In 1999 I was offered sponsorship for my Computing degree at Staffordshire University. Attending the degree full time I only went back to ABB during holidays.

MAB(Mitchells and Butlers) Network support.

This mainly involves providing network specific support to anyone within this account. An understanding of the current infrastructure and how its progressing helps with making decisions enabling a better service to be provided to Mitchells and Butlers.

I've worked on this account since October 2006(click here to see my timeline), the team I work with are very professional and are always helpful and supportive making daily tasks almost enjoyable!.

Mitchells & Butlers are the leading operator of managed pubs and pub restaurants in the UK. They have around 2,000 businesses offering food, drink, entertainment and accommodation in prime locations across the country.


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